Shree Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra



"Dhyaye Nityam Mahesham Rajat Girinibham Charuchandravatansam
Ratnakalpojjwalang Parashu Mrugavara Bhitihastam Prasannam
Padmasinan Samantastutamamaraganaivyaghra Kritin Vasanam
Vshwadyam Vishwavandyam Nikhil Bhayaharam Panchvaktram Trinetram."


Shri Nagesh with Shri Laxminarayan and Shri Ganapati on the occassion of Inaugration of Agrashala

Shri Nagesh in Roupya - Shibika




Origin of Gomantak - the land of Gods

Being generously endowed by nature's smile, the scared land of Gomantak is considered as a paradise. Gods being fascinated by by its beauty made it their abode and, thus it became the 'land of the Gods'. its subtle and melodious history is given in "Sahyadri Khand" of "Skandha Purana"

Bhargavram from the Saraswat family conquered the whole earth by annihilating all kshatriyas and then presented it to a saga-Kashyapmuni. Due to this annihilation of Kshatriyas, there was no administrator left to govern the earth. Even those who survived went in hiding as they were scared of Parashuram's wrath. The administration on the earth collapsed. Kashyap became greatly worried over this state of affairs and he informed Parashuram that the latter had no right to stay in the land that was already gifted. In obedience to the sage's command Parashuram went to mahendra mountain. He reclaimed a new land from the sea and made it his abode. This land known as "Aparant" or "Shurparak" is spread between Sahydri mountain and Sindhusagar. This legend is narrated in the Chapter "Shantiparva" of Mahabharat.


Saraswat's arrival in Gomantak

Thereafter in order to perform the "Yadnya" and other rituals, Parashuram brought saraswat familes of Dashgotras from Panchgoudas of northern sector along with their deities and established them in the land. A reference to this incident is given in "Uttar Rahasya" - Sayyadri Khand - as under :

"Thereafter Parashuram brought ten brahmins from Panchgoudas residing at Trihotra and established them in Panchakroshi and Kushasthal - 47-48.

Bhardwaj, Koushik, Vatsah, Koundinya, Kashayap, Vashistha, Jamadagni, Vishwamitra, Goutam and Atri - These followers of ten sages were established to perform "Shradha" "Yadnya" and "Bhojana" at Mathagram, Kushasthal and kardalinagar (Keloshi). Parashuram also brought the main deities of Trihotrapura viz., Mangirish, Mahadeo, Mahalaxmi, Mahalsa, Shantadruga, Nagesh, Saptakoteshwar and many others to Gomantak mountain - 49-53.